Sustainability Spotlight: JORD’s Incredible Wood Watches

Sustainability Spotlight: JORD’s Incredible Wood Watches

The Sustainability Spotlight is a chance for us to appreciate companies who are working to better the environment and minimize their carbon footprint. As humans on this earth, it is our ethical responsibility to maintain and better our planet for the sake of ourselves and future generations.

Watches have always made me feel more important. I do not typically wear watches as I am one of the many millions of Americans who carry a smartphone around with them all day, every day. When I wear a watch now, its more of a statement piece. Watches now mean professionalism and sophistication.

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered a watch brand that was committed to doing right by the planet.

JORD was founded in 2013 by people who wanted to make a difference. Their purpose was to create sustainable wood watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, but who have somewhere to go. From the very beginning, JORD’s mission was to help the environment. Even the word “JORD” (pronounced “yode”) comes from the Norse word meaning “earth.”

Sustainability is a huge focus at JORD. Most of the wood they use for their gorgeous wood watches and humidor boxes comes from furniture remnants. These small pieces of wood would normally be thrown away, to further populate already overflowing landfills. However, JORD is able to take these small pieces to create the cases and individual links found on their wood watches. Pretty amazing, right?!

Many JORD watches are made of Bamboo or Maple, which are completely sustainable types of wood. Bamboo grows quickly, requires zero fertilizer, and regenerates from its own roots. Maple also grows very quickly, which makes both of these materials great options if you’re looking to be more sustainable!

As far as the rest of the wood materials used in their watches, a lot of it comes from damaged trees or trees brought down by natural weather events.

But that is not all JORD does to help the environment! They are heavily focused on people as well. Environmental safeguards are policies and essential tools to help prevent harm to people and the environment during production processes. What this basically means, is companies take precautions during the creation of their products to make sure the environment is safe and people are safe from harmful chemicals.

JORD treats all of its wood watches with natural substances instead of hazardous chemicals. The watches are conditioned with natural tung oil, and thats it! This is tremendously better for the environment and the wonderful people that are making these beautiful watches!

I recently was gifted a beautiful JORD watch that I am completely obsessed with! I got the Arcadia in silver and white turquoise. It comes with both an interchangeable leather and metal mesh band. Not only is the quality on point, whenever I wear this piece I can’t help but be reminded of the good this company is doing for the environment and the world.

With any JORD watch purchase from their website, you can get the piece engraved for free! I was so excited to hear about this option. I chose to have some very special words engraved on the back of my watch. My grandmother passed away last year, and the last card she gave me she wrote “You are loved very much” at the end. Those words always stuck with me, especially when she got sick. I’m especially glad I got these words engraved on my beautiful watch because it’ll be a constant reminder of my grandmother in a subtle but special way.

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