My husband and I love to entertain guests. While house hunting, we looked at every potential home and envisioned ourselves entertaining our friends and family. We enjoy hosting fun events for our guests and especially love a themed party!

While it’s true that most people enjoy attending a good party, it’s also true that parties can become boring and lack excitement. After a while, they can all start to feel the same. The goal of any small gathering is usually a celebration: a birthday, graduation, the newly engaged couple, the anticipated arrival of a little one, an anniversary, a retirement. Within that, the party should be an event that guests enjoy attending. If you’re looking for creative ways to make your party stand out, here are 4 ways to spice up your next adult party:

1. Create a Signature Cocktail

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A signature cocktail is a fun ice-breaker for any event. Even if you’re just having a few people over for a quiet dinner party, get on Pinterest and find a cocktail recipe that compliments the food you’re serving.

The best signature party cocktails are the ones that aren’t too complex, too sweet or too strong and make for perfect pre-dinner and post-dinner drinks. They should go down easy, shouldn’t be too adventurous and should be elegant in their simplicity.

Now it is time to really tap into your creative side. There are countless party themes and many great ways to make your drink menu fit, but you’ll have to use some imagination. When you have a special theme to work with, you have endless possibilities.

2. Hire a Tarot Card Reader

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Hiring a Tarot card readers for parties is a great way for friends to talk about themselves. This activity would be perfect for a girls night or a bachelorette party!

Tarot is not intended to answer specific yes or no questions. Most say it also shouldn’t be used to make decisions, but instead should be used as a guide to help you make the decision yourself. For this reason, the way a question is stated is very important.

All you have to do as the host is to invite your guests to your party, you will need to provide a separate room away from the party, where people can have their cards read. This is usually done in the dining room or kitchen. Tarot card readings are a popular night in! 

3. Throw a Backyard Beer Bash

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My husband and I are BIG beer drinkers so this idea speaks to me on a visceral level. I can feel the wheels of my brain turning with lots of ideas surrounding this theme!

Complete with beer pong, a Beer Tasting Activity, and lots of pub-style snacks. Since this theme is pretty casual, decorate with craft paper, clear bowls and scoops, and lots of beer-themed decors.

One of the reasons beer tasting parties have become so popular is because they are fun, relaxing and can be held virtually anywhere!  Selecting the perfect venue is the first step toward beer tasting party success. You will want to consider the number of guests and narrow your venue options to those that will accommodate your party comfortably; consider logistics and appropriateness of the venue, and factor in cost if you’re budget-conscious.

Don’t forget the Root BEER Floats!!! 

4. Host a Murder Mystery Party

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With Halloween being just 10 days away, this would be a great theme for an adult Halloween party! If you’re unfamiliar with how a murder mystery works, here’s a little run down. Spoiler alert: someone’s gonna die. It’ll be up to you and your guests to crack the case and figure out who had the motivation to commit the crime!

You don’t have to be a true crime fanatic to enjoy a murder mystery parry. They are a guaranteed hit with any group of people. The trick is to choose the right theme for your type of guests and host it at the perfect venue. Consider who your guests are when creating the story line. If you all have something in common, use that as a theme throughout the story. There’s no need to be elaborate to have a good time. These parties are super easy to host.

Well, there you have it folks. Those are my four quick ideas to spice up your next adult party. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these things or if you have more ideas of things to do!

Until next time!

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My name is Morgan Rundquist and I am the creator of the lifestyle blog, Unapologetically Morgs. I’m a 90s baby born, raised, and still living in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina with my husband Kaleb, and our fur-children Teddy, Tater Tot, and Taco. Wine, writing, television shows, and animals (specifically, cats) take up most of the space in my brain. And of course, traveling. I will never pretend I am some accomplished, professional traveler (not yet at least) but I am extremely passionate about visiting and experiencing other places. Even as a child I looked forward to long car rides because that meant we were visiting someplace new. As an adult, I am fortunate to be able to travel often and share these experiences on my platform!

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  1. I loooove a signature cocktail. That always adds such a exclusive element to every party. The murder mystery option is one I’ve never thought of. 😁

    1. I love these! Our friends group always does a signature cocktail. And we’ve done card reading a number of times–has given us stories for years!!

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