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I like to cook because I like to eat.

Its that simple.

I grew up in a family that loved to eat. We are literally the family that while eating breakfast is talking about what we are going to eat for dinner. While eating has always been a focal point of my family’s gatherings, cooking has never been heavily emphasized. The older I got, I began to realize cooking a meal can be as exciting as eating the meal.

But like most modern Americans, I don’t have time for all that.

HelloFresh is perfect for the modern, working family.

I work full time in my family’s business and this blog has quickly become my part time gig. By the time I get home I’m not thinking about what I’m should cook for dinner. Dinner has become more of a chore I try to accomplish as quickly as possible, rather than an activity I look forward to at the end of the day.

Enter, HelloFresh.

My HelloFresh box and the Balsamic Fig Chicken Bag.

When I got the opportunity to try HelloFresh, I was immediately on board. I knew a few people who used the service and wondered what it was all about. How much would it cost? How did the food taste? And how “fresh” was it really?

You can choose whatever day works best for you to accept your box delivery. Even weekends in some areas!

My first HelloFresh box came on Wednesday. I was able to pick a day that I would be available to sign for the delivery. Because the food needs to be refrigerated, they won’t just drop it off at your doorstep.

The box came in damaged. HelloFresh lines the inside of their boxes with cardboard and plastic insulation to keep the ingredients cool and fresh. The insulation was doing it’s job a little too well. It created a lot of condensation which caused a corner of the box to completely collapse. It ended up not being a big deal. None of the food inside the bags were damaged or spoiled.

All three meal bags fit nicely in my refrigerator.

Inside the box and I found three paper bags with ingredients for three different meals, as well as a variety of meats in vacuum sealed packages. I took everything out and put it in my refrigerator immediately, per the instructions.

I didn’t get a chance to cook my first meal until Friday night. All of the ingredients stayed extremely fresh in their bags in my refrigerator. The first meal I cooked was Balsamic Fig Chicken. This was hands down my favorite meal of the entire box!

Each bag came with a corresponding note card that told you exactly how to prepare and cook each item. The note cards also tell you what cooking utensils you’ll need, like a large pan, salt, pepper, and various other simple items.

It was so easy, guys. Seriously.

I made the chicken with a balsamic fig glaze, diced baked potatoes, and baked broccoli within about 30 minutes.

And it was so freaking good!

This recipe is definitely one I am keeping and recreating because it was amazing. And thats another awesome benefit of HelloFresh! Because they give you the recipe, you can make these meals again and again. I LOVE that because it really makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of the subscription!

The other two meals we had were just as great. The second night we had Monterey Jack Burgers and the final night we had Pork Carnitas Tacos. Both meals were amazing! I will absolutely be making them again at some point in the near future in our household.

Long story short, HelloFresh really inspired me to be more creative with my cooking at home. Its amazing what a simple splash of balsamic or a sprinkle of onion can do to a dish!

Have you tried HelloFresh? Comment below your experiance and your favorite meal!

Want to try HelloFresh for yourself? Click this link and get $80 off your first month.

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